1. Why is this course so effective?

Simple - we stay on point and focus on helping you pass critical care exams. Each student will take two full-length comprehensive examinations based on the official FP-C exam blueprint. You will also take daily quizzes to help you prepare to pass critical care medicine exams.

2. Who are the instructors?

All primary instructors are Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants (PA-C) with extensive backgrounds in Aeromedicine. They are also Nationally Registered Paramedics (NRP) and Flight Paramedic Certified (FP-C). Assistant instructors are USSOCOM Advanced Tactical Paramedics, Nationally Registered Paramedics (NRP), Flight Paramedic Certified (FP-C), and are formally trained flight instructors. All of our instructors have significant clinical and combat experience.

3. What is included with the course fee?

  • A copy of our book “Flight Paramedic Certification- A Comprehensive Study Guide.”
  • Two comprehensive practice exams based on the official BCCTPC FP-C exam blueprint.
  • Daily quizzes designed to enhance test taking skills.
  • A Course completion certificate for 40 hours of accredited critical care medicine CEUs.

4. This course is more expensive than others, why?

Most critical care review courses are 2 days long, ours is 4 days. Also, we are the only course in the nation that uses Aeromedical Physician Assistants as primary instructors. We focus on educating adult professionals using our depth of clinical knowledge, experience, and expertise. You will benefit from our teaching methods!

5. How long do I have to enroll?

All enrollments and course fees are due no later than the first day of class

6. Does my course enrollment fee include a BCCTPC proctored FP-C or CCP-C exam?

No. The cost of taking the certification exam is the responsibility of the student. A paper and pencil exam is $275, the online version is $335.

7. Can I miss any lectures?

Yes, however there will not be any make-up sessions for material covered in your absence. WE WANT YOU TO PASS, and will work with you if there are schedule conflicts. 

8. Is there a minimum or maximum number of students?

Yes. Minimum 15, maximum 40.

9. Do I need any additional materials for the course or to prepare for the exam?

NO. Through years of development and experience we have created a course that contains all information needed to prepare for the FP-C and CCP-C exams. 

10. When does class start each day?

Lecture begins promptly at 9am daily. It is recommended that you bring snacks with you daily. Lunch is typically about an hour long, and is on your own. Class ends no later than 6pm daily.

11. Where is class each day?

Class will be held at a location that is available on each individual course page.

12. Does this prepare RNs to take the CFRN exam?

YES. This course focuses on critical care concepts, and the instructor staff specifically details items relevant to the CFRN exam.

13. Is there a minimum experience requirement to take these exams?

NO. There are recommendations for minimum experience from various organizations; however there is NO MINIMUM amount of time required before getting FP-C, CCP-C, or CFRN certified.

14. Are CEUs awarded for completion of the course?

YES. Each student will receive a CEU certificate for 40 hours of critical care education that is approved for continuing education by the Board for Critical Care Paramedic Transport Certification. These hours can also be applied for Paramedic recertification through the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT). 

15. Is this an “approved” review course by the BCCTPC?

Yes. We have been an approved review course for over three years, and have taught hundreds of students. Ask someone who has been to our courses- they enjoyed it!